Feeling agitated, anxious and crabby about this thing or that I remembered to practice STOP’ing, and I thought it might be helpful to share with you.

STOP is a quick and easy technique to take a mindful pause during your daily activities, especially if you are feeling stressed or impatient. It doesn’t necessarily change anything but it will make you more aware of your direct experience and perhaps help you choose to do or feel differently, something to make life a little easier. So, STOP.

S: Stop, right now.

T: Take in several deep breaths inviting your lungs and belly to fill up and relax while your shoulders slip down from your ears.

O: Observe what is going on as you breathe, what tensions you release, what thoughts you let go, what emotions you transform from impatience or irritation to calm and peace.

P: Pick back up with your task or project; or take a longer pause. Whether you stay the course or change it up, be mindful of the present moment with its sense of quiet, confident ease you now enjoy.

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