What can you do when you’re stuck? Open your eyes, look around, the yellow arrow is there.

Walking the Camino de Santiago one comes to rely on hand-painted yellow arrows. Yellow like egg yolks. The universal Camino color. The arrow can be painted anywhere: on a rock, a fence post, a street sign, a stone wall…. A pilgrim is always looking for the yellow arrow to point the way.

Sometimes it appears as if there is no yellow arrow. Maybe it got washed away or the locals had some mischief. I remember walking with a pilgrim from Amsterdam and I mentioned this to her because I’d gotten off track before. Her reply to me was: “There is always a yellow arrow.”

Practical Tip: Here’s what I know after 500 miles and a lot of living: there is always a yellow arrow; there is always 1 elegant solution. All you need to do is open your eyes and look around.

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