60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey: Why Merely Seek a Niche When You Can Create Your Own With a Story Doula.

Episode Summary: I can help you be the niche you want your work to fill in service to your values, purpose and vision so you, in turn, may help others.

60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: Is There a Secret to Life? If So, What Is it?

Episode Summary: What are the chances we might find the secret to life on Black Friday?

60 Seconds for Time Out Tuesday: What Might We Get if We Didn’t Walk a Mile in Another’s Shoes?

Episode Summary: What if we skip walking in another’s shoes; instead we take off our shoes and just walk together?

60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: How Could I Have Asked the Fellow About the Hoodie and Truly Heard His Answer?

Episode Summary: How do you listen out another’s story that is different from your own?

Follow Those Few Things That Caught Your Heart

Not too very long ago I saw a man wearing a tee shirt that read: “Many things in life will catch your eye but only a few will catch your heart. Follow those.” He was gone before I could ask him: What’s the story behind your tee shirt? How did you come to have it? …

Story Prompt Friday: You Are Astonishing Light. Tell That Story.

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is 60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday with several questions carefully chosen to help you collect stories in the oral tradition or spark your own writing. Either way, you’ll say, “Thanks for the memories.” Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Shīrāzī – Hafez was a 14th century Persian poet. …

Our Life As A River.

How is your life like a river? Who do you thank? They say that we can never go home again. I’ve always wondered about that and over the years have come to understand that we are like rivers. “No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning.” Your river had …

If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?

What is happiness? And do you notice it? What is happiness? In the closing pages of his short book of musings, A Man Without a Country, Kurt Vonnegut offered me an unexpected image of happiness I carry with me to this very day: Here’s Vonnegut: “But I had a good uncle, my late Uncle Alex. …

When is it lying or storytelling, and how do we know?

Question: What is the difference between storytelling and lying? For the answer I’m turning to an interview with Diane Setterfield, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Thirteenth Tale, Bellman & Black, and my favorite, Once Upon a River. Setterfield when asked about the difference said this, “Storytelling is a way of telling …

Seasons of Sobriety podcast episodes

Addiction takes place in isolation. Seasons of Sobriety is an on-message slice of recovery that bears listening for all of us on the journey of life. Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is 60 Seconds for Time Out Tuesday, your daily dose of hope, imagination, wisdom, stories, practical tips, and general riffing on …