60 Seconds for Motivate Your Monday: Who Believes in You More Than You Do?

Episode Summary: Those who believe in us give their sturdy hand until we can catch up – and we do, so we can help the next one.

60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey: This I Believe About Stories – Maybe You’d Like to Learn How

Episode Summary: What would you like to learn about the power of story? When you’re ready I can help.

60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: Is There a Secret to Life? If So, What Is it?

Episode Summary: What are the chances we might find the secret to life on Black Friday?

60 Seconds for Thoughts on Thanksgiving Thursday: Today Is ThankfulGiving Time, For What Are You Thankful?

Episode Summary: I am thankful for each and every one of you on our global story listening journey!

60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey: What’s the Mobile Turkey Unit?

Episode Summary: One man had a special place in his heart for folks in need and 24 years later hundreds and hundreds of folks continue to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner.

60 Seconds for Time Out Tuesday: What Might We Get if We Didn’t Walk a Mile in Another’s Shoes?

Episode Summary: What if we skip walking in another’s shoes; instead we take off our shoes and just walk together?

60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: How Could I Have Asked the Fellow About the Hoodie and Truly Heard His Answer?

Episode Summary: How do you listen out another’s story that is different from your own?

Thoughts on Thursday: How Do Artists and Writers Engage Us to Advance Society?

Episode Summary: How can our stories prompted by our imagination, writing, art and very being in the world be a source of good?

60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey: How Do We Overthrow Ourselves?

Episode Summary: If you are looking for a way to get out of a stuck story and overthrow yourself our doors are wide open for conscious story messaging business while the whole of the Quarter Moon Story Arts website is being renovated.

Follow Those Few Things That Caught Your Heart

Not too very long ago I saw a man wearing a tee shirt that read: “Many things in life will catch your eye but only a few will catch your heart. Follow those.” He was gone before I could ask him: What’s the story behind your tee shirt? How did you come to have it? …