60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: Horse Manure or Something Better?

Episode Summary: When have you surprised yourself by turning a lesson from the School of Hard Knocks into a rare chance to learn something about yourself?

60 Seconds for Thoughts on Thursday: How Does a Second Arrow Magnify Our Suffering?

Episode Summary: When you have a strong response of pain or annoyance to a situation ask yourself, “What is my story line here?”

60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: Are You Lost or Exploring New Territory?

Episode Summary: What if we decided that we are not lost but exploring new territory; how would our story sound then?

60 Seconds for Motivate Your Monday: How Would You Turn a Climbing Obstacle Into an Ally?

Episode Summary: What do you do if you have nothing to hold on to?

60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: Someone Stole My Trekking Poles!

Episode Summary:

A Practice To Name, Claim, Tame Fear & Insecurity.

Why The Grass Is Always Greener Over There.

Wondering why the grass is always greener over there? I know. Who here has looked at the grass growing on the other side of the fence and seen that it’s greener? Everybody! Of course, the grass is always greener growing on the other side. But do you know how come? Because they fertilize it. What’s …

Depression And A Farting Camel

We deserve better than the dingiest room in the hotel of depression! “I know the voice of depression Still calls to you. I know those habits that can ruin your life Still send their invitations. But you are with the Friend now And look so much stronger. You can stay that way And even bloom!… …

There Is Always A Yellow Arrow, 1 Elegant Solution.

What can you do when you’re stuck? Open your eyes, look around, the yellow arrow is there. Walking the Camino de Santiago one comes to rely on hand-painted yellow arrows. Yellow like egg yolks. The universal Camino color. The arrow can be painted anywhere: on a rock, a fence post, a street sign, a stone …

My Life As Compost

How did I begin thinking about my life as compost? Well, I had a lot of garbage in my life: betrayals, incest, losses, adversities, failures, and set-backs. What do you do with all that? I was one of the lucky ones who found story. I was offered chances by people who knew the secret of …