All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, til they take root in our personal experience.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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My Engaged Storyism Method©

Decades ago, I coined the term “Engaged Storyism Method©.” I had been practicing it as a nurse, lawyer, and business woman. What do I mean? Say a patient comes to you with complaints of increased thirst and urination. You run diagnostic tests and determine she is suffering from diabetes. You could suggest she change her diet, add exercise and begin a course of insulin. Or, you could engage with your patient’s story and inquire about her lifestyle: does she eat alone; has someone close to her recently died so she doesn’t pay attention to food in her grief; what sort of budget does she have for groceries; who else is she taking care of; and so on. 

By integrating the individual with her unique situation we can uncover the underlying story that will help us help her.

Your personal or professional situation is no different. Advancing your practice, winning a case, selling an idea, sharing a vision, or crafting a keynote is not a stand-alone project but a reflection of what you have to offer.

My  “Engaged Storyism Method© ” is a holistic practice of integrating your unique values and principles with what you want to accomplish: communication transformation. How? With applied critical listening, thoughtful questions and decisive use of the story structure and techniques common to every human experience. 

Results? You speak in your own truly authentic powerful voice. You are able to create a more compelling story. You have a clear direction for how to achieve what you want because you know what drives you. Now you have the tools to be seen, heard, understood, and listened to.