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Maybe like me you were raised to keep all your accomplishments on the deep down low. Those days are over. How will anybody know the ways in which you are bettering the world unless you show and tell them? Here are some outstanding testimonials.

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Attorney-at-Law, Washington, D.C.

Diane is the Go-To when teams are stuck with challenging and complex problems. She takes complex situations and makes them easily understandable using her outstanding verbal skills. Team members value her ability to take in all the information and quickly synthesize it down to whatever it is that is keeping them stuck. Then she guides them to understand their stuckness so they can see with clarity and develop a plan to move forward.

Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Organizational Management, Alberta, Canada

Diane’s a problem solver! She has an uncanny ability to take in lots of data and information, observe situations and circumstances, and sort through everything to quickly create Make Sense Solutions that are sensible, easy to understand and simple to implement. Diane believes that while many people feel stuck with a little guidance they can make sense out of their situation, develop simple solutions and move forward. Diane helps people get unstuck and move forward.

Attorney at Law, California

Your outstanding pursuit of the underlying beliefs of the focus group participants revealed the strengths and weaknesses in my case. Neither I nor my colleagues would be as successful without you. Trial lawyers need to know what master storyteller Diane Wyzga teaches: telling our clients’ stories powerfully and persuasively.

Story Consultant, Ph.D., Businesswoman

Diane is a masterful communicator, storyteller and podcaster par excellence. She has a gift of listening deeply to the world we share so that those unheard and quiet voices are brought right into the heart of the conversation. Her 60 Seconds podcast episodes deliver top quality storytelling on a daily basis. They show us the work of a true alchemist who takes her material from the ordinary world around her, identifies the rich moment it contains and transforms that into an entertaining, touching and insightful story. Diane’s storytelling skills are master classes on how to distill memory (sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, always meaningful) into authentic stories. These moments of magic echo Rumi words as she reminds each one of us that we are not mere drops in the ocean of life, but the mighty ocean in a precious drop.

Businessman, Fortune 500 Companies, Corporate Transformation

The power of story! Diane does a marvelous job of sharing stories as well as demonstrating the ‘how’ of good storytelling. The rare combination of her own compelling storytelling and leading others into telling their story sets Diane apart. In each case being able to craft a meaningful story for why change was necessary was essential to the program’s success. Throughout the transformation, storytelling remained a crucial element of the company’s success. I know many businesses looking to grow, innovate or simply operate effectively would benefit from working with someone as gifted as Diane.

Podcaster, Blogger, Author

Drawing out the best of you, Diane has an extraordinary sense of the emotional landscape and knows how to build bridges that others can walk across. Listening deeply, she gets to the heart of your message and persistently mines for the gold she knows others are looking for. Through her mastery of conversational interviewing, she puts it all together in a way that makes powerful connections and promotes action. 

Attorney at Law, Colorado

Diane Wyzga provides a wonderful mix of logic, humor, magic, and, most of all, Story in her work with my cases over nearly two decades. The Logic is demonstrated best in her organizational skills, keeping the project moving forward and off the snake trails.  Her Humor is infectious and informs her work.  A belly laugh is frequently the best antidote for a project that has become dark and headed over a cliff.  The Magic is pretty much inseparable from her skill with narrative.  She has mastered Story. Anytime I think the story of my client/case needs either re-configuration or more punch, I go to Diane for a solution. . .sometimes for problems I did not even know I had.  A rock-solid, high-octane contributor to any scenario in need of Story. 

Attorney at Law, Maryland

Diane brings an extraordinary combination of skill and experience to the table. Her medical and legal training gives her a depth of knowledge few trial consultants possess. And as I have seen firsthand, her remarkable skill and passion for storytelling lets her develop a forensic fact pattern into a real life drama that so effectively helps you persuade your jury. 

Podcast Host, Holistic Systems Thinker, Author

Diane has a passion for people and transformation. Her passions is a rare feature that she’s used to help hundreds find their authentic voice and share their stories. If you need to learn how to find your voice, speak your transcendence and rise to your own potential, reach out to Diane. She’ll be worth your effort and time.

Creator of Impact Learning, Podcasting Fellowship Coach, Philanthropist

Diane approaches every conversation with empathy and curiosity. She has a remarkable ability to make everyone around her feel at ease and appreciated. Forging deep connections comes naturally to her, as does guiding others to unpack their stories. Diane guides others to connect the dots by raising the big questions. She walks patiently by their side until every story is revealed. In addition to her insightful perspectives and thoughtful recommendations, I marvel at her ability to tell the perfect story on any given day. Diane is one of the most creative and reliable partners for anyone looking to transform their work and life through powerful storytelling.

Speaker, Business Strategist, former COO Global Franchising and National Healthcare Industries

I spent a good part of my career as business executive, educator and speaker, so I thought I understood how to write and deliver a good presentation. Working with Diane taught me how to supercharge my presentations to the place that actually moves people. To being memorable.  To reaching hearts as well as minds – and so to inspire action. I had no idea how powerful a well-crafted and well-presented story as a vehicle for ideas or solutions or inspiration could be. And then I did. Thank you!

Keynote Speaker, Author, Adjunct Professor

A pundit asked Edwin Moses, arguably the best hurdler of all time, why he had a coach when he was already a repeat Olympic champion. His response, “None of us does as well on our own as with a great coach.”  Diane Wyzga is that kind of great coach. She guides her clients with experience that springs from a wealth of resilience, education, compassion, and wisdom. She has a facility with language and a commitment to those looking to discover something unique, nourishing, and enduring.