Stories From Women Who Walk

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk, a podcast for anyone charmed by and curious about the power of story to profoundly and positively shift our awareness, our behavior, even our culture as well as those who wish to learn more about the power of walking to reveal the world around us and within us. In this realm stories and nature will be our co-creative partners.

Stories bring us face-to-face with people we may never meet, take us to places we may never visit, and show us situations we may never encounter. The sorcery of stories is this: they help each of us to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood. I’m betting we could all use a little more of that.

Imagine a place where we can talk about what we hope to do, the things we have done, and the unexpected changes we’ve experienced while we’ve been walking our lives and our lives have walked us. Maybe all we need is a place to tell that untold story. A place to encourage the next step, and celebrate the achievement.

What can you expect on Stories From Women Who Walk? Each week you’re invited to take part in a fine blend of host-on-mic episodes, guest conversations and 60 Second posts with tips, techniques and Time-out Tuesday. All are designed to bring you authentic stories of hope, imagination, influence, exploration, defeat, bravery, and so much more from women who are walking their lives. Our shared voices can create community from camaraderie. And have a good time doing it!

If you’re looking for a place of belonging this might just be what you’re looking for. Come for the stories – stay for the magic. You will have wonderful company as we walk our lives together.

Interested in walking along and sharing stories? Tune in on these podcasting platforms or here on my website.

Why do we walk? And what have we discovered along the way?
All will be revealed in this intriguing new story-based podcast
designed to inform, entertain, motivate and delight.

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About This Podcast
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Finisterre, Spain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington, this is Stories From Women Who Walk. I’m your host Diane Wyzga.

When was the last time someone said to you: “Once upon a time?” There’s magic in that line. I believe in the magic of stories. Stories can follow you home, sit at your table, show you the way. It’s different for each person who hears the story. You can never be sure of all the good your story will do for someone waiting to hear it; but sharing it is part of the magic. The sorcery of stories is this: they help each of us to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood.

Our lives are stories. We walk our lives. And our lives walk us. There’s power and magic in walking. The power is taking the first step: putting one foot in front of the other creates the action that overcomes obstacles, invites exploration, carves out a new road. I know that walking relieves pain we didn’t know we had and replaces it with hope, hope and imagination. With hope and imagination we grow our optimism which translates to compassion, connection and community. That sounds like a pretty nice place of belonging.

Walking is like a story. Never underestimate the power of walking to reveal the world around us and within us. It’s like magic. Whether in a forest, a city park, through your neighborhood, or around a lake walking encourages us to live in the moment of the present. On a walk we can pause, breathe deep, look around, listen and feel restored. Walking settles our mind, ignites our imagination, and solves problems.

Now, imagine creating that powerful and magical world for yourself right here. On this weekly podcast you are invited to join in host-on-mic stories and meet my guests sharing personal stories of what’s been revealed to them while walking their lives, episodes featuring true-life, practical, funny, heart-breaking, insightful human experience stories. Stories gathered and told to give you a sense of delight, exploration, insight, challenge, and experience. All are designed to bring you episodes of hope, imagination, vulnerability, exploration, defeat, bravery, and so much more from women who are walking their lives. Stories you will recognize, resonate with and remember because of the way they make you feel, and just maybe enjoy a better everyday life.

It all begins here with a story from women who walk. Tune in each week to Stories From Women Who Walk. Come for the stories – stay for the magic. And, count on wonderful company as we walk our lives together!

About Diane Wyzga
Diane on Camino de Compostela de Santiago, León

Diane on Camino de Compostela de Santiago, León

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is your host Diane Wyzga.

How did I get here? I never expected to be here. Several years ago I left behind everything I knew: my home, my community of 20 years, my friends, my nationally recognized practice as a litigation consultant, and moved 1300 miles north to a place to begin anew. I wasn’t looking to become a podcaster but podcasting was looking for me. You know how they say: “We don’t get what we want – we get what we dream about.” I had to take a leap of faith and believe that this is what I was dreaming about: a chance to share things I love: stories, walking, nature, connection, the curve ball life throws us, hope, imagination, hard-won optimism in the face of adversity, and overcoming hardship at all odds. Why? In the hope that what we create here will feed your soul and your soles. A chance to be nourished, inspired, energized, and move outside your comfort zone because that’s where the gutsy women thrive.

I’ve been a lifelong hiker, backpacker, tent camper, world traveler, book reader, kayaker, storyteller and story listener. Stories are the tune of our imagination. We tell each other stories as naturally as peanut butter goes with jelly. In fact, we’ve done it so long and so often we take stories for granted. Yet we rely on stories to show us the way like Grace in our lives. My favorite writer Anne Lamott said this about Grace in her best seller: Traveling Mercies – Some Thoughts On Faith: “I do not at all understand the mystery of grace–only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. It can be received gladly or grudgingly, in big gulps or in tiny tastes, like a deer at the salt.”

Stories are change. Stories meet us where we are and carry us forward to where we need to be. Walking through many professional lives I’ve spent over 30 years as a “story doula” midwife-ing stories out of many people in many settings: US Navy nurse, businesswoman, storyteller, lawyer, professor, public speaker, workshop leader, coach, litigation consultant. I’ve done spoken word presentations, coaching, focus groups, and problem-solving with clients and audiences all over the US and Canada. I’ve learned first-hand how everyone has experiences that need the “right” questions and coaching (aka listening out the stories). Deep listening and mindful questioning are key to crafting personal and business stories in compelling and empowering ways.

Stories have been my steady life walk companions. For over 30 years I’ve practiced as a skillful “story doula” employing deep listening and mindful questioning to midwife the stories that need to be heard. I’m a story artist. I translate images into action. My pilgrim path has led me to the next phase of my portfolio career: the Founder of Engaged Storyism®. I help people, corporations, communities, and organizations listen out the important stories that need to be told and heard to positively shift our awareness, our behavior and our culture. I coined the term Engaged Storyism® to share my belief: when we rediscover fundamental storytelling principles and techniques we can relate to and connect with people on a deeply human level. Human connections encourage us to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood.

Until next we meet up, think about this: with a little hope and imagination what would you like your life walk to reveal?

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