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Come for the stories – Stay for the magic!

— Diane Wyzga
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I launched Stories From Women Who Walk in April 2020  – because I’m a storytelling woman who has walked hundreds of miles – and never looked back. I have dozens of guest interviews, hundreds of daily 60 Seconds episodes, and hundreds of thousands of plays all over the world.  

Proud Offical Expert of BabyBoomer.org
Global Audio Business Cards

My podcast showcases how you can craft your story message with precise imagery and universal themes in a clear, concise format. Each episode relies on life stories, observations, and personal experiences to bring you thoughts to ponder, questions to consider and calls to action in 60 second sound bytes. My podcast episodes serve as global audio business cards – each one an example of how I use language to create the sorcery of stories that helps us to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood.

Story People

What does that mean? We are a collective of story people. Stories educate, illuminate, comfort, heal, provoke, inform, delight, question, inspire, motivate, and much more. Together we experience the sorcery of stories; together we are seen, heard, understood and understand. We might be worlds apart; but on this platform we are one in story.   

Imagine this
  • What if you could learn how to use your authentic voice to inspire, engage, influence, comfort, and more?
  • Are you curious to learn how you can use power of story to profoundly and positively shift our awareness, our behavior, even our culture?     
  • How would you like to say what you mean and mean what you say in clear words and images? 

I can help you develop these tools!  

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