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Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington, this is Stories From Women Who Walk a uniquely forward looking story-based podcast for anyone charmed by and curious about the power of story to profoundly and positively shift our awareness, our behavior, even our culture as well as those who wish to learn more about the power of walking to reveal the world around us & within us. Welcome! I’m glad you’re here! I’m your host Diane Wyzga. You’re invited to return each week to share in guest interviews, host-on-mic episodes with true-life, practical, funny, heart-breaking, insightful human experience stories and 60 Seconds reveries on this and that: stories about the world around us and within us; stories discovered while walking; stories you will recognize, resonate with and remember because of the way they make you feel. For over 30 years in many professions I’ve been a “story doula” midwife-ing stories out of many people in many settings. I say, "stories are as elemental as breaking bread with friends and as intuitive as making love." Stories connect us to people we may never meet and situations we may never experience yet opening up our compassion for the world we live in and sparking our imagination to solve problems and improve lives. Our lives are stories. We walk our lives. And our lives walk us. There’s power and magic in walking. The power is taking the first step: putting one foot in front of the other creates the action that overcomes obstacles, invites exploration, carves out a new road. It’s like magic. Never underestimate the power of walking to reveal the world around you and within you. Now, imagine creating that powerful and magical world for yourself. Leave behind the stuff that holds you back by sharing stories and taking a walk. Walking relieves pain we didn’t know we had and replaces it with hope, hope and imagination. That’s what you’ll find here. Come for the stories - stay for the magic. And, count on wonderful company as we walk our lives together.

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