Setting the Stage

Episode Summary

How ever did I get here? I never expected to be a podcaster. And yet, here I am. You know how they say: “We don’t get what we want - we get what we dream about.” I had to take a leap of faith and believe that this is what I was dreaming about: a chance to share things I love: stories, walking, nature, connection, the curve ball life throws us, hope, imagination, hard-won optimism in the face of adversity, and overcoming hardship at all odds. Who is this podcast for? Anyone charmed by and curious about the power of story to profoundly and positively shift our awareness, our behavior, even our culture as well as those who wish to learn more about the power of walking to reveal the world around us and within us. In this realm Nature is our co-creative partner. Everyone is welcome here as we begin this walk together. What do stories and walking have to do with one another? Stories are the tune of our imagination. We tell each other stories as naturally as peanut butter goes with jelly. We have amazing stories of change that deserve to be heard out loud. Translating those stories from personal memory to spoken word can help us all to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood.  Walking is like a story. Never underestimate the power of walking to reveal the world around us and within us. On this weekly podcast you will hear host-on-mic stories and meet my guests sharing personal stories of what’s been revealed to them while walking their lives, plus 60 Second posts on this and that. But all stories gathered and told to give you a sense of delight, exploration, insight, challenge, and experience. "Come for the stories - stay for the magic."  You will have wonderful company as we walk our lives together. And, til next our paths cross, think about this: with a little hope and imagination what would you like your life walk to reveal? 

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