My Tip To Navigate The Dip & Who’s Next?

Episode Summary

Here’s the problem: I’ve hit The Dip. That place in most creative endeavors when you look around and wonder: when is what I do going to get some real traction? Does anybody care? Does this matter? What’s my purpose? Ironically, The Dip is a precious time. It’s when you get to dig deep and consider what do you do, for whom, where is it needed? Not everyone wants or needs what you have to offer. But when you gather in those who do, it’s like magic..... Some years ago while working as a shepherd at a fiber farm on the outskirts of Charlottesville, Virginia I met a fellow named Joe who raised organic goats for meat. While he had many customers from the Washington D.C. Beltway area who were happy to travel to his farm and pay for good food he longed to educate people about the value of eating what he raised. He takes a weekend course from the University of Maryland Extension Program, College of Agriculture on marketing your produce. He fixes up a mobile kitchen, travels to state and local fairs but folks don't want what he's selling. He's hit The Dip. Now what? He decides to share his story at the fairs, the one that the U of MD encouraged him to tell. Slowly it changes. Person by person the story draws them in, the goat meat dinners keep them there. I asked him: how did you keep it going through all those rocky times? He confided his mantra: “Some will. Some won’t. Who’s next?” I repeat this to myself to remember: “Some will. Some won’t. Who’s next?”

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