Clear, Concise and Cogent With Diane Wyzga! Problem-solving Content Collaborator & Story Strategy Guide.

Episode Summary

Ever met a problem-solving content collaborator before? You’re in for a real treat cause my guest is a truly special one. The unique experiences in which my friend Diane Wyzga has partaken throughout 30 years of story work, in courtrooms, boardrooms, universities, retreat settings and hospitals have taught her that authentic story principles are key to conscious connection, and to clear, concise and cogent communication. Join us for episode 23 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Diane shares: What she means by the beautiful term: to listen a story out of someone? Why are 60 second podcasts her current favorite form of communication? And which three questions can we each use to become more intentional listeners? Curious? Let’s Clarify It! [simplecast-embed error="Could not get iframe html"]

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