Once upon a time a quarter moon met up with a lighthouse… 

Also Meet Diane.

Diane talks about Using the Power of Your Voice to Shine a Light Into the World.

I’ve been a storyteller through many stages of my professional life. I saw firsthand how stories help people. But it took me years to claim my true voice and purpose as a storyteller. What happened? I had discovered the “sorcery of stories.” Stories help us to be seen, heard, understood, and listened to. 

Like magic I saw a need to fill. I set out on a journey to create Quarter Moon Story Arts. I bring one-of-a-kind skills, assets, and experiences to benefit people like you become successful story creators. It’s a niche the world needs: helping socially conscious professionals and organizations succeed by discovering and delivering their authentic story messages to connect with, engage and influence their audiences while transforming the lives of those they serve.

Why a quarter moon? 

As the song goes, a quarter moon’s better than none when you travel a dark road. Working on a story can feel like walking alone on a dark road. Having a glimmer of light from a trusted story guide will help you quickly, easily, and safely get to your destination: creating your story or message to attract the right audience to you. 

How come I added a lighthouse?

Lighthouses guide boats into a safe harbor. The beacon of light in the dark beckons sailors home. My lighthouse is unlike any other in the world. It says: You are right where you belong. It says: Here is the space for you to create your story or message that finally answers all your questions: 

  • What is it only I have to offer? 
  • Who needs it and wants it? 
  • Why does it matter?
  • How will I attract my particular client with my own distinctive beacon of light?
I can help you answer these questions and set you on a course with tools for business success.