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Diane F. Wyzga ~ Founder Engaged Storyism®

On a mission to positively shift attitudes, behaviors and culture by helping us engage in stories and not simply tell them.

I remember this place like it was yesterday. I had completed the Camino de Santiago walking 500 miles across Spain. I made my way from Santiago to Finisterre and was standing next to this marker that’s engraved with 0.0 km when two Russian women approached me backpacks cinched tight. I spoke no Russian. They spoke no English. Yet they were able to motion to me that they would take my picture. One of them held up her fingers in Vs. She shouted “Victoria! Victoria!” I did the same. Click.

This picture is one of my most treasured moments. On the outside today I look a little older. But on the inside I am still that Victoria! pilgrim. On the Camino I met people from 29 different countries. I didn’t speak Korean or Chinese or Japanese or Maori. Many of those people didn’t speak English. And yet we shared our bread, our water, our blister treatment kits. We sat around tables at the end of the day and laughed together. We hung our wet clothes in dorm rooms that slept upwards of 40 or more. We learned step by step to connect or collapse.

This is my story. I am a story listener and a story artist. I distill complex ideas into easily understood metaphors and direct emotional language. My expertise is helping you to identify, shape and effectively deliver your core story using language with power, passion and precision to translate images into action and arrive at desired outcomes, especially those concerning compassionate conversation and relationship. Why? Connect or collapse.

I founded the practice of Engaged Storyism® with the belief that together we can rediscover fundamental storytelling principles and techniques which connect with listeners on a deeply human level. Quarter Moon Story Arts is designed to enhance your listening and communication skills using Engaged Storyism®. Tapping into the universal power of narrative we work with you to discover and reflect the core emotional story necessary to transmit your history, values and vision in memorable ways to the people you serve. Ultimately, you will create more lasting, authentic engagement by communicating effectively and connecting relationally.

From nurse to businesswoman to lawyer to litigation consultant – but always a storyteller – my professional careers were chosen to help people. Now I am adding another chapter to my portfolio career: to help people, communities and organizations listen out the important stories that need to be told and heard. Together we can shift awareness, behavior, even culture toward greater hope, imagination and understanding.

Diane in Finisterre, Spain at the end of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Diane on Camino de Compostela de Santiago, León, Spain

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