Do you think it was easier when folks were able to make their mark in the early days of a nation? You yourself might be making a better nation today. Find your place.

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Have you ever thought how much easier other people had it making a difference, making an impact when the place they lived was new? Think about all those wide open frontiers of opportunity, discovery, invention, possibility. And here we are in a place where it seemingly gets grimmer and more shut down everyday. At least that’s how the news portrays it.

But is that true? What about for you? What if you could remind yourself to “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.” Who said that? These words are engraved in the Canongate Wall of the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh. But to whom do they belong? Long attributed to Alasdair Gray, an award-winning Scottish author and artist, they were paraphrased from a line in a poem called Civil Elegies (Toronto: Anansi 1972) by Canadian poet Dennis Lee. The original line reads: “And best of all is finding a place to be/in the early days of a better civilization.”

Either way, when your spirit flags pick yourself, brush yourself off, and “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” because you are making it that way.


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