Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is 60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday

Long long ago and far far away someone you love was born and began a life. Maybe it was you or a parent or a grandparent or a sibling or a friend. It doesn’t matter. This is a very good time to collect the stories. Story Prompt Friday is my way to get you started, either sitting with another person and collecting a story as part of the oral tradition or maybe for yourself using these prompts as a way to spark your own writing. Either way, you’ll say: thanks for the memories.

Here’s your prompt: Once upon a time you were too young to remember; but, there are parents & friends & rellies & siblings all too eager to share a story or three about what happened to you when you were too young to remember. Reach out to them and discover it. What is that story? Who shared it with you? What did it feel like to hear the story? And might there be more than 1 version?

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