Lighthouses don’t chase boats; why do you chase clients? Is there a better way?

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I volunteer as a docent at Admiralty Head Lighthouse. Back in the days of sailing ships coming from the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of San Juan de Fuca the captain would know to pull a hard right to starboard when he saw the blazing beacon from the lighthouse on a bluff 127 feet above Admiralty Inlet that would steer him south to Puget Sound and on into Seattle. Lighthouses, each with their very own light pattern or signature-like an address on a house-mark points of navigation, dangerous coastlines, and guide ships into a safe harbor or back out to sea.

But not all harbors are created equal. Some are for deep draft vessels, others for pleasure craft, and so on. Here’s the thing about a lighthouse: it doesn’t run up and down the coast beckoning all boats to its harbor. It serves a particular sized boat. Lighthouses don’t chase boats; why do you chase clients?

  • What is it only you have to offer?
  • Who needs and wants it?
  • Who is meant to be drawn to your beacon of light? and,
  • How will they know your very own light signature?

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